Today, I want to build on an idea I’ve previously journaled on but not shared publicly: reputation is the essence of the flesh. I’m referring to the “flesh” talked about in the New Testament. In most places where Paul talks about the flesh versus the spirit, you can understand him to be referring to one’s […]

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Bitterness Supplant the plant of bitterness, Secured in all its stubbornness, The rally cry: “Uproot! Uproot!” Incinerate the bitter fruit. This mighty root we now assail, Against the dust we will prevail, The battle cry: “Return! Return!” Drink water from your own cistern. Direct your introspective gaze, Reflect upon your numbered days, The primal cry: […]

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It all started with waking up. The threads of consciousness, woven and spun into the glory fall, worked their way into me, seeping into the dreams lingering in my mind yet being steadily dispelled by the constancy of activity in the physical domain. Stillness. I had a thought upon waking up, profound and personally meaningful. […]

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Prayer: Authority

“To conclude this series on prayer, I have asked fellow Jessup student Sara Lewis to share her insights on prayer and experience of God through it. Please give thought to what she has to say about the power and authority given to believers!” — David Andrew Walking in the Spirit Only in the last couple […]

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