Whenever I Speak

Whenever I speak out of frustration: I end up partnering with someone else’s demonic opposition I fail to partner with God’s answer of provision for the person or issue I’m speaking about I act as though I believe the person I am speaking against does not hear from God I neglect my ability to contribute […]

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A Different Light

Ever have a moment of sudden revelation? I’ve been having many of these lately: simply going to and from activities, day to day, when all of a sudden, the smallest thing will strike me. The way the clouds have formed, the way a friend speaks, the stillness of the air, the way a stranger walks […]

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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Oh boy. This week has been the best week of summer so far. Encouraging text messages, singing the Scriptures, convicting sermons… it’s like God’s trying to tell me that He loves me or something. =D Allow for me to share with you one of the convicting ideas floating through my mind this week: Thy kingdom […]

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