Bitterness Supplant the plant of bitterness, Secured in all its stubbornness, The rally cry: “Uproot! Uproot!” Incinerate the bitter fruit. This mighty root we now assail, Against the dust we will prevail, The battle cry: “Return! Return!” Drink water from your own cistern. Direct your introspective gaze, Reflect upon your numbered days, The primal cry: […]

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The Other Side

Today has been a respite, a respose from the inanity of semester’s end. After a late breakfast, I decided to go outside and enjoy the glory-fall. I walked out past the parking lot and sat on a big rock and gazed across the field in front of the school. It was a beautiful moment—gazing and reflecting […]

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Fresh Encounter

Today, God broke through all of the noise in my life. I really needed to hear from Him today and He led me and guided me to the right place and the right circumstance so that He could just shower His love on me. I’m really in awe of Him. I really love Him. Here’s […]

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Here’s my latest attempt at writing poetry. You can find more of my poems in my books. You can also find my latest book in Apple’s iBookstore by searching for “Snapshots”. Greater I have no more to say. You have come and overcome my spirit with Yours, my spiritual moors are strengthened by Your presence. […]

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Jesus, as I call Your Name, I feel crushing defeat Weighing down. Surely, no, it couldn’t be, Not my pride, no, not control, My heavy crown. I see a future full of stuff To do, entirely of my own Creating. But the calendar constrains— The due process of order leaves me Waiting. I open my […]

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Newly Penned

Hi all, I have a newly penned poem that I’d like to share with you! You’ll be able to find this poem and many others in my upcoming book Snapshots: Of the Coming Glory! Dead Ends and Open Doors Please, don’t remind me again, It hurts as deep as any sin, See me now begin […]

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