I struggled greatly trying to title this post. I came across this shot completely accidentally. I was attempting to take a picture of the wire mesh at an askew angle for fun when I noticed the gleam of light from the sun’s last rays. It’s like a light that strikes your peripheral vision. Have you […]

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It all started with waking up. The threads of consciousness, woven and spun into the glory fall, worked their way into me, seeping into the dreams lingering in my mind yet being steadily dispelled by the constancy of activity in the physical domain. Stillness. I had a thought upon waking up, profound and personally meaningful. […]

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Looking On

Looking on, keep looking on, Expectantly await the dawn, You who cling to hope may wait, May yet your heart now satiate, Oh do not cease from looking on! Continue pressing on in hope And its related isotope: In joy, that is; may yours be full, This is the substance of the tulle, The fabric […]

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Brand New

Hey there! So, today felt brand new. This has been my fourth day on Spring break and, lest I become complacent, today came with a sudden change of pace. I had to leave the house actually because my mom was doing childcare. Anyhow, I decided to walk to the Bayside Church Cafe (because I don’t […]

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