Once Again

Well, it’s time to move out. Just finished my third year of college. Wow. It’s time for summer once again, and once again I find myself dreading the uncertainty of where I’ll find my next rent payment and food. I’m really trying to not rest in the security of my plans and instead rest in […]

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All of my life has been waiting for this culmination. Yet somehow I’m still stuck in between. It’s like everything about where I’ve been is about to give way into everything about where I will be and the catalyst is who I am now. I have been learning so much over the last few weeks […]

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Here’s my latest attempt at writing poetry. You can find more of my poems in my books. You can also find my latest book in Apple’s iBookstore by searching for “Snapshots”. Greater I have no more to say. You have come and overcome my spirit with Yours, my spiritual moors are strengthened by Your presence. […]

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