Spring Break

Yes, this is a blog post about spring break. Honestly, I wasn’t going to write about anything I’ve been doing, but then I saw all of my blogging friends posting about their breaks and I got a little jealous. (Silly, right? I thought so too.) Nevertheless, here I am. (Ta-da!) Usually, when I post something […]

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Can You Say “Unsettling”?

I had the strangest dream the other night. It was very disturbing; I woke up from the dream at 12:30 AM and started praying. I decided to share it with you here because I hope that talking about it will make me feel better. I changed the names of the people in my dream because […]

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Imaginative Prayer

I was talking with Jesus today. I had before me a choice to focus on something evil and pleasurable or to turn and spend time with Jesus. I packed up my backpack, got up from my seat, and walked to the exit. Jesus closed the door behind me and we walked outside discussing life. Well, […]

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